Products and Services


Lab Services

 Founded on the premise that service still matters in the laboratory industry, we have built our company based on delivering a best of breed service model to our physicians. Our account specialist will work with your practice management team to tailor our processes so they exactly meet your needs.  Test menus that reflect those tests which are medically necessary to deliver the highest levels of patient care will be incorporated into your practice-specific lab requisitions.  Our on-demand phlebotomy staffing group will work with your team to assign the right level of on-site concierge service phlebotomy from our highly skilled phlebotomists. 


Platelet Rich Plasma & Progenitor Cell Biologics


Our biologic specialists prepare specific biologic protocols in operating rooms and in doctor's offices during procedures. They are credentialized and perform as a compliment to the surgical team.  Our trainers are also available to train physician's staff members to prepare biologics in office.


CDS Health Corp Emergency Response Team

CDS ERT is a specially trained, fully equipt, and self contained team, capable of traveling anywhere in the world to cleanse indoor biologics. CDS Health Corp utilizes the world's most powerful portable cleansing device. CDS ERT Cleansing services are listed on the US General Services Administration Service Contract. Questions?  Please contacts us.


Medical Assistants and Phlebotomists


We supplement doctor's offices with medical assistants and phlebotomists to capture comprehensive lab panels, provide phlebotomy services and help prepare platelet rich plasma for office procedures.


Consulting Services and Rapid Prototyping

CDS Health Corp's world class PhD's take your ideas from a dream to reality. We provide consulting, creative design, rapid prototyping and precision manufacturing. Once your dream is a reality, CDS Health Corp can even help take your solution to market.